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Are You Prepared for the Financial Aftershock of an Earthquake?

Cover Your Home and Personal Property with Earthquake Insurance from the California Earthquake Authority provided through AAA.

Did you know that most homeowner insurance policies do not cover damage resulting from an earthquake? It is impossible to know when and where an earthquake will happen, but in the seismically active area of California, it is a matter of time before the next one could strike.

You and your family can be prepared for the financial aftershock of the next event by covering your home and personal property from serious damage. Earthquake insurance offers peace of mind, security and lets you take the first steps towards protection from one of nature’s strongest natural forces.

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Protect Your Home & Belongings

Before the Next Big Earthquake
Get Covered with CEA Insurance 

Our California lifestyle rocks! Living here comes with knowing our homes sit in earthquake country. Together with your CSAA policy, CEA earthquake insurance helps you:

  • Repair.
  • Rebuild.
  • Replace your covered property.

Know the Cost of Earthquake Damage

Without earthquake insurance, you will pay the full cost to:

  • Fix your home.
  • Replace your personal property.
  • Make emergency repairs.
  • Live and eat elsewhere during repairs.

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CEA Earthquake Insurance Policies

CEA earthquake insurance helps pay for emergency repairs, needed repairs, or rebuilding when your home or belongings suffer earthquake damage.


Manage your earthquake coverage and protect your home and belongings with flexible homeowner policies.

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Renters insurance alone doesn't pay for earthquake damage to your belongings, or provide support if you are forced to live elsewhere because of earthquake-caused repairs.

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Mobilehome Owners

Protect your mobilehome or manufactured home against earthquake damage with a CEA earthquake policy. Create the right coverage to meet your needs and budget.

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Condo Owners

Protect your condo and your belongings with CEA condominium-owner policies. CEA insurance covers individual condos, townhouses and other common-interest development properties.

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How To Buy Earthquake Insurance

Take three easy steps to buy the CEA policies that meet your needs and budget. Get CEA earthquake insurance through a CEA participating insurance company today.

How Do I Buy?

Get CEA earthquake coverage from your home insurance company. Many California insurance companies offer CEA policies. Contact your insurance company today!

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Recent California Quakes

The United States Geological Survey records daily earthquake event magnitudes, event times, locations, nearest cities, and depths.

Service & Policies from the Best of Both Worlds

The Value of CEA Policies

When you choose CEA earthquake insurance, you get:

  • A choice of earthquake coverage provided by one of the world’s largest providers of earthquake insurance.
  • Professional service from your home insurance company.

We are a not-for-profit, publicly managed, privately funded provider of home earthquake insurance to California homeowners and renters.

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Insurance products offered in California by AAA Northern California Insurance Agency, License No.0175868. Insurance products offered in California by AAA Northern California Insurance Agency, License No. 0175868. The provider of Earthquake Insurance is the California Earthquake Authority.
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